Discover Now How Beneficial is Magnesium

The various benefits of Magnesium Has been shown in recent research that Magnesium has various benefits such as: You can find a very good supplement of Magnesium in our shop area: Of course we recommend to have a balanced diet and varied diet, we also offer nutritional digital consultations follow this link to book […]

Science Behind Stretching

Type of Stretching: Three muscle stretching techniques are frequently described in the literature: Static, Dynamic, and Pre-Contraction stretches. The traditional and most common type is static stretching, where a specific position is held with the muscle on tension to a point of a stretching sensation and repeated. This can be performed passively by a partner, […]

Postural Abnormalities And Pain

INTRODUCTION Posture is a body attitude and is the position of the body in the space when you are sitting or standing. The maintenance and the control of posture are a set of interactions between muscle-skeletal, visual, vestibular, and skin systems. It is known that posture is a set of interactions between a muscle-skeletal system […]