How To Reduce Your Hair Loss With Natural Ways

Article written and designed by Cosimo Simeone, Msc, PgdDip, Bsc, Physiotherapist Hair loss, called alopecia, can affect your scalp or whole body, and it can be temporary or permanent. Causes include genetics, hormones, medical conditions, or aging. Men are more likely to experience it then women. In their lifetime, hair loss is likely to affect […]

Unlock Now A Diet Plan With The Best Anti-Aging Foods

Article written and designed by Cosimo Simeone, Msc, PgdDip, Bsc, Physiotherapist In our search for better health and a longer life, understanding the importance of our diet is crucial. Longevity isn’t just about living more years; it’s about living healthier ones. This interest in living well for longer is growing, and at its core is […]

The Truth About Vegan Dieting: Is Really Helpful?

           Article written by Moneeba Younis — medically reviewed by Rohini Prasannan and Cosimo Simeone Introduction: Veganism, as a distinct philosophy and lifestyle, originated in the mid-20th century. The term “vegan” was coined in 1944 by Donald Watson, a British animal rights activist and founder of The Vegan Society. He used the term […]

Exploring Crohn’s Disease Symptoms To Understand It Better

          Article medically reviewed by Cosimo Simeone — Written by Rohini Prasannan  Introduction Crohn’s disease is a type of illness that affects the digestive system, specifically the intestines. Therefore, it leads to ongoing inflammation, which means there is constant redness and swelling in the digestive tract. Furthermore, Crohn’s disease can make you […]

Is Scientifically Proven That Alcohol Dependency Cause Thiamine Deficiency

Globally, 107 million people are estimated to have an alcohol use disorder. Alcohol inhibits the absorption and usage of vital nutrients such as thiamin (vitamin B1), vitamin B12, folic acid, and zinc. Chronic alcohol abuse is associated with several neurological disorders, including Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome (WKS). The deficiency of Thiamine, a vitamin essential for the metabolism […]

Discover Now How Beneficial is Magnesium

The various benefits of Magnesium Has been shown in recent research that Magnesium has various benefits such as: You can find a very good supplement of Magnesium in our shop area: Of course we recommend to have a balanced diet and varied diet, we also offer nutritional digital consultations follow this link to book […]