Forget Neck Pain: Expert Tips for a Pain-Free Life

Article written and designed by Cosimo Simeone, Msc, PgdDip, Bsc, Physiotherapist Neck pain is like an unwelcome visitor that hangs around too long, making everyday activities a bit tougher. Certainly, lots of people deal with it and it usually comes from things like sitting weird, spending too much time on screens, or carrying too much […]

Simple Ways To Overcome The Lower Back Pain

           Article Written by Rohini Prasannan  — Medically reviewed by Cosimo Simeone Introduction: Lower back pain is a very common condition. In fact, nearly 2 in every 3 people have lower back pain at some point in their lives. But the cause is not normally serious, and you can often manage the […]

A Better Pregnancy Journey With Prenatal And Postnatal Physiotherapy

    Article Written by Maria Gonzalez — Medically reviewed by Cosimo Simeone and Rohini Prasannan  Introduction Congratulations on your pregnancy! We understand pregnancy can be overwhelming, whether you’re an expecting mother or supporting a loved one. We can assist you in understanding the changes a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy and how to manage them. It’s […]

Autism Surge: Revealing The Real Reasons Behind The Rise

       Article medically reviewed by Cosimo Simeone — Written by Rohini Prasannan  Introduction: CDC has reported a 3x increase in Autism prevalence since 2000, affecting 1 in 36 children. Boys of 8 years have higher prevalence than girls. In addition, intellectual disability is present in around 1/3 of autistic children. However autism is […]

Chiropractic Manipulations: Are Really Safe And Effective?

Article written by Cosimo Simeone, Msc, PgdDip, Bsc, Physiotherapist How many times have you been to a chiropractor, osteopath or physiotherapist and you received spine or joints manipulations and you were guessing how these are really effective, safe or for what they are useful?  Today I will go through some evidence based research that shows […]