Dr. Kinga Waker

Kinga is a UK registered nutritionist, graduated from University of Westminster
as well as a swim coach, working for one of the best swim clubs in London. 
She became passionate about food and healthy lifestyle since young age
when she started her adventure with competitive swimming. Becoming more
and more aware about different effect of nutrients on the body functioning and
performance, she continued to broaden her knowledge in the field.

During Human Nutrition course at University of Westminster she became
more familiar with different fields in nutrition such as human physiology,
nutrition in exercise and sport, diet in health and disease and public nutrition.
Moreover, she has gained great knowledge about nutrition and performance.

In addition to her educational experience she have worked at Virgin Active
health clubs, working in wellness environment helped to expand her
knowledge also in fitness industry and gave her an opportunity to work with
clients as a nutritionist as well as a coach. Not only she is has knowledge of
nutritional composition of food but also in sport physiology and nutrition in