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Nowadays we live in a world always more and more digital. For this reason whether you are a remote workers or you just use a lot your smartphone, tablet or laptop; a digital detox from those could be an effective way to improve your productivity and reduce your stress. But what is a digital detox?

A digital detox is like giving your electronic devices a break. Imagine your gadgets, like phones, tablets, and computers, are like friends who sometimes talk too much. They send you messages, videos, and games all the time, and it can get overwhelming.

A digital detox is when you decide to turn them off for a little while. You can think of it as a vacation for your devices!

During a digital detox, you put your devices away and find fun things to do without screens. You might read a book, play with toys, or go outside to ride your bike. This helps your brain take a break from all the beeps and dings.

Doing a virtual detox is like giving your eyes a rest. Screens can be bright, and your eyes need some time to rest and see other things, like trees, colors, and the sky.

Sometimes, when we use devices a lot, we forget to talk to people face-to-face. A virtual detox is a chance to re-connect with the people around you.

Remember, a digital detox isn’t forever. When you’re ready, you can turn them back on. But after a digital detox, you might find that you feel more relaxed, your eyes feel better, and you’ve had fun doing things without screens. So, every now and then, give your devices a break.

What Can Cause Long Exposure to Digital Devices?

Spending lots of time on screens like phones, tablets, and computers can affect how we feel. It’s important to understand how this happens.

When we use digital devices for a long time, it can make us feel tired and moody. Our brains get really busy looking at all the pictures and words. This can sometimes make it hard to concentrate or sleep.

Our eyes can also get tired from staring at screens for too long. They might feel dry or itchy. It’s like when we read a book for a long time without taking a break.

Sometimes, using devices a lot can make us feel lonely. This can lead to depression and anxiety or can aggravate those that are already preexisting (2). We might forget to talk to our friends and family face-to-face. It’s like being in a room with lots of people but not really talking to them.

Our bodies also need to move and play. When we spend too much time on screens, we might forget to go outside and run around. This can make our bodies feel sad and not as strong.

Remember, it’s okay to use digital devices, but we need to find a balance. It’s like eating yummy treats – we enjoy them, but we also need to eat healthy foods. So, let’s use screens for fun and learning, but also remember to take care of our bodies and minds by doing other things we love.

What are the best activities for a digital detox?

Let’s dive into fantastic activities that will make your detox super fun. Of course, you can perform these activities for an entire day or just when you take breaks from digital devices.

  1. Outdoor adventures: Run, bike, or play ball outside. Just enjoy what the nature give us as a gift: a sunset by the beach or maybe (1).
  2. Crafty creations: Use colorful papers, glue, and markers to make your own artwork.
  3. Tasty cooking: Whip up delicious treats with a grown-up. Bake cookies, blend fruity smoothies, or shape pizza dough like a chef. Pizza is happiness. So I just want to share this video with you to learn how to do typical pizza from Naples.
  4. Green garden fun: Plant colorful flowers or yummy herbs in a mini garden. Watch them grow tall and strong.
  5. Move and groove: Dance, do yoga, or try somersaults. Stretch like a rubber band and feel full of energy.
  6. Game time: Solve puzzles and play board games. Connect dots, match colors, or build with blocks. Challenge yourself and have a blast.
  7. Connect with loved ones: Call grandma, chat with cousins, or play games with friends. Certainly it will be better to spend time in person. But just listening the voice of your family or good friends could be a good one.
  8. Bedtime stories: Snuggle up for magical bedtime stories. Let your imagination take you to dreamy lands.
  9. Adventure awaits: Remember, a digital detox is about having fun, trying new things, and feeling fantastic. So, put away those screens and let the exciting activities begin!

Try to do different things for your digital detox. Your brain will thank you for the variety.

How Long Should a Digital Detox Last?

A digital detox can last for different amounts of time, depending on what works best for you. Some people do a short detox for just few hours a day or one full day. It’s like a quick reboot. Others go for a weekend, taking a break from screens from Friday evening until Sunday night. This gives your brain time to unwind.

For those who want an even bigger challenge, there’s the 30-day detox. It’s a whole month without screens. You’ll notice your focus improving, and you might even sleep better. But fore sure if you are a remote worker this long digital detox is not going to work. So my advice is to find the balance in your work shift and use your break to try the activities above.

Furthermore, transitioning back to screens after a detox is important. Start with small amounts of screen time and notice how it feels. It’s a great chance to use screens in a mindful way.

Remember, the goal of a digital detox is to take a break, recharge, and remember that the real world is pretty awesome too. Whether it’s just 30 minutes, one hour, one day or a whole month, your brain and body will thank you for the screen-free time.

What are the benefits of digital detox?

For sure digital detox has many benefits. Below here I have listed 8 of some of the most important ones.

  1. Rest for your eyes: Spending too much time looking at screens can strain your eyes. By taking a break from screens, your eyes get the chance to relax and recover from the bright light they’re exposed to.
  2. Connect with the real world: Screens often consume our attention, making us miss out on the beauty of the world around us. A digital detox lets you appreciate nature, hear the sounds of your surroundings, and fully engage with the present moment.
  3. Real conversations: When you disconnect from screens, you have the opportunity to engage in genuine conversations with the people around you.
  4. Relax your brain: Continuous screen exposure can overwhelm your brain with information and stimuli. A digital detox gives your brain a break from constant notifications and information overload.
  5. Rediscover hobbies: Screens often take up a significant portion of our leisure time. With a digital detox, you can rediscover hobbies and activities that you enjoy.
  6. Improved sleep: The blue light emitted by screens can interfere with your body’s natural sleep cycle. Engaging in a digital detox before bedtime can help improve the quality of your sleep.
  7. Mindfulness and reflection: Disconnecting from screens allows you to be more mindful and reflective. You can spend time thinking about your goals, dreams, and things that truly matter to you.
  8. Increased productivity: Screens can be a major source of stress and anxiety, making it hard to focus on tasks. Taking a digital detox can lead to improved productivity.


So, a digital detox offers a variety of benefits for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Furthermore, by finding a healthy balance between screen time and time spent offline, you can experience an healthier life. As the ancient latin said ”in mediō stat virtūs” in the middle there is the virtue, so find your balance.

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Article Designed by Cosimo Simeone

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