Digital Mental Health

Digital intervention tools are already commonplace in the self-management of general mental health, and in the clinical care for people with both chronic physical and mental ill-health. Studies that have been conducted so far show that Online Mental Health Consultations have similar results to in-person appointments.

Researches show that psychiatric evaluations and assessments conducted using videoconferencing are as accurate and reliable as in-person assessments. Although more long-term research needs to be done, there’s solid evidence that Online Mental Health therapy is as effective at creating good clinical outcomes as face-to-face psychiatry. 

The online delivery of mental health programs and therapy is an easily scalable, affordable, and relatively accessible option. Digital interventions can overcome many mental healthcare barriers as they are cost-effective, require less therapist time, and can be accessed from any private location at any time. 

We use psychotherapy, CBT and psychology to treat different mental diseases such as depression, anxiety, mood changes, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).