Digital Physiotherapy

Digital physiotherapy services are designed to give you speedy access to the physio treatment you need at a time and place convenient to you. A dutch study found that “Physiotherapy with telerehabilitation has the potential to increase quality of life, is feasible, and is at least equally effective as usual care in surgical populations.” A systematic review of randomized control trials found that “Exercise by telerehabilitation may be an alternative to treat pain, physical function and quality of life in adults with physical disabilities when compared with other intervention.” The findings of these studies confirm that remote physiotherapy is a viable option for outpatient treatment, even when dealing with severe conditions. Other researches have demonstrated that the exercise therapy is effective as the manual therapy and electrical therapy done in Face to Face settings.

It might be tempting to put off seeing a physiotherapist because it can be hard to take time out to visit a clinic in the day or challenging to travel if you are suffering with pain or mobility issues. Our digital consultations are very similar to a first-time face-to-face physiotherapy appointment in clinic. They are delivered by telephone or using video call technology through our digital health platform in the same way that you would Facetime or Skype a friend.

During your appointment, your physiotherapist will provide you with advice about how to treat and manage your condition, as well as guidance about how to use the exercises programme app. This app will give you access to your prescribed exercises that you can watch from the comfort of your home. These guided videos will be available to view as often as you need to ensure that you’re completing your exercises correctly. The app also allows you to keep an exercise diary to help you and your physio track your progress and monitor how you are getting on following your appointment.