Know How to Navigate Through The Bipolar Disorder Symptoms

Article written and designed by Cosimo Simeone, Msc, PgdDip, Bsc, Physiotherapist Bipolar disorder is becoming more prevalent nowadays. Greater awareness and a deeper understanding of its symptoms certainly contribute to its increased detection. The diagnosis rates for bipolar disorder have surged from 11.5 to 24.5 per 100,000 person-years. However, bipolar disorder isn’t the only mental […]

Unlock Today The Best Meditation Techniques On Earth

Article written and designed by Cosimo Simeone, Msc, PgdDip, Bsc, Physiotherapist The first recorded instances of meditation are found in the context of Vedantism in India, dating back to approximately 1500 BCE. However, some experts believe it may have originated even earlier, around 3000 BCE. Meditation is a special way of sitting quietly and focusing […]

Live Better With The Power Of Positive Thinking

Article Written by Rohini Prasannan — Medically reviewed by Cosimo Simeone and Maria Gonzalez Introduction: We live in a world of challenges and uncertainties. For this reason maintaining a positive outlook can be a game-changer for our mental and physical well-being. The concept of positive thinking has gained significant attention over the years, and with good reason. Our […]

Stress: A Silent Killer That Needs To Be Investigated Better

   Article written by Moneeba Younis — Reviewed by Maria Gonzalez, Rohini Prasannan and Cosimo Simeone Introduction  Feeling: Anxious? Tense? Overwhelmed? You might be experiencing stress. Stress is a natural response to danger or challenge, but too much stress can be bad for our health. It can be caused by many things, by learning to manage stress, we […]

Sleep Better At Night: Secrets To Overcome Insomnia

 Article Written by Maria Gonzalez — Medically reviewed by Cosimo Simeone and Rohini Prasannan  Introduction: Are you struggling with restless nights? You’re not alone. Insomnia is a growing and common condition that affects people worldwide. In fact It can be a significant challenge to achieve a good sleep cycle and maintain overall well-being (1) Did you know […]