Forget Neck Pain: Expert Tips for a Pain-Free Life

Article written and designed by Cosimo Simeone, Msc, PgdDip, Bsc, Physiotherapist Neck pain is like an unwelcome visitor that hangs around too long, making everyday activities a bit tougher. Certainly, lots of people deal with it and it usually comes from things like sitting weird, spending too much time on screens, or carrying too much […]

Simple Ways To Overcome The Lower Back Pain

           Article Written by Rohini Prasannan  — Medically reviewed by Cosimo Simeone Introduction: Lower back pain is a very common condition. In fact, nearly 2 in every 3 people have lower back pain at some point in their lives. But the cause is not normally serious, and you can often manage the […]

Cold Aggravates Rheumatoid Arthritis: Take Action Now

INTRODUCTION:  Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disorder, this is a condition where the body’s natural defence system mistakes its own healthy tissue as foreign and attacks them. RA is also multifactorial meaning that as well as affecting the joints can affect other parts of the body such as our kidneys, heart, eyes, as well […]

How to use The Healthcare Digitalization Efficiently

Introduction: Since Covid, we experienced changes in our health service that adapted to the new times. Digitalization, ranging from the use of computers and electronic health records to home monitoring of patients, electronic medical devices, and the application of computer aided visualization and decision support systems, has affected and is expected to affect many aspects […]